Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Rescue

Meet Coquette

Coquette started out life as a Monster High Abbey Bominable.  She was blue with glitter everywhere.
Then someone decided to take off the glitter.  Acetone removes the glitter, and can damage and melt the plastic of the body.  Then they decided to do some painting on her face- and I have no idea what they used...but that too left a mark.  Then, I am pretty sure they used epoxy on her back for something.  And they used a Dremel, I think, to "sand" her body in places.  Most inelegant.  Her hair looked melted- so maybe a heat gun??? 

I wish I had picked my camera up before now, but to be honest she started out as this possible rescue project sitting in her own box on the corner of a shelf.  I got her out when I had the time.  I picked away at different things for minutes at a time and returned her to her project box. 
Every doll I work on has their own box.  Everything that relates to them goes in there and stays with them until they are complete. 

Ignorance had ruled this girl's world since she left her original box in some home in northern Nevada. She arrived on my porch via the USPS with Monster High amputees and other Monster High doll parts. 

 I didn't take photos, because, honestly, I thought she might end up in the experiment box.  That is the box dolls and doll pieces go when I cannot rescue them.  They become my testing ground for new paints, new glues and other ideas.  That way, if I try a new product and it does not work, I have not ruined a new doll.

Coquette hung in there.  When she finally spoke to me, I started working on her an hour at a time instead of 10 minutes.  Her face is almost finished, and her body is as good as she will get. 
Coquette is on her way to becoming... a  friend of the famous Anne Dieu-Le-Veut .
This week when I have time I will be making a new boot pattern, and a tri-cornered hat- for my little privateer.

I will post photos as I move along with her.  This is not a tutorial- just me sharing the progress of a doll that almost went the way of the waste bin.

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  1. oh nos. She is looking good now. cannot wait to see her finished. :)

  2. poor girl, I'm glad to see that she's in good hands now though :), she's going to be awesome I just know it!

  3. how did you changed that dolls color into a white? .__. I have that problem that i don't know how to change it.

  4. She was sponged white with a cosmetic sponge and white acrylic paint. It takes many layers- each layer needs to be thin.
    Then she was sprayed with Mr. Super Clear Flat laquer.
    There are different ways to change the color of your dolls. This is just one.

  5. Wow - this poor little gal seems to have had a rough life; I love how fitting it is that you have decided to create her story around the mystery that was Anne! I LOVE the name you have chosen for her - Coquette is beautiful, but also has some sort of aura of the unknown about it... Can't wait to see more!