Monday, September 3, 2012

Modding Part 4

At Long Last

Remember Draken?

There were thoughts of giving Draken glass eyes, which is why I didn't wipe her eyes off when I started.  My thought was to use the eyes that were there as a cutting template.  Fast forward 3 weeks.  I have this vision of her - and it does not include glass eyes.  So, I began painting over the existing eyes.

The violet on her head is sponged on unevenly- on purpose.  Our skin does not look the same all over- and I do not want her to have a plastic feel when I am finished.  I am also studying photos of lizard markings- to give me a baseline to work from.

Here I started to add detail to the head with paint.  Her horns have a light coat of burnt sienna on them to give them more depth.  I mixed violet with green and painted her horn caps.  The painting on her eyes is just a base coat.  Same for her lips.  The eye color is violet mixed with brilliant blue.  The lips are brilliant blue washed over the violet.  Violet and black were mixed in even parts to make the contrasting color for her ears.  I suspect her ears will not be visible when I am finished- but that doesn't matter.  I will paint anything that has a chance of being seen. 

Continuing to add detail.  Using the same basic colors: Violet, Black, Burnt Sienna and Brilliant Blue.
First coat of Sakura Crystal is on her eyes to make them stand out.
Is that a smile I see on her face?  Think so. 
She has been on hold for so long I would hear her hissing from her project box every time I walked by.   
Looking more like horns now.

Now you didn't think she would be bright violet did you?  Draken relies on the element of surprise.  She likes to suddenly appear from the shadows. Remember she is a Mountain Dragon.  Tall, proud and tough as nails.

After she has had a day to dry completely, I will spray her with Mr.Super Clear Flat before painting any more on her.  This protects what I have done and gives me a slightly toothy texture on which to add paint.

It is getting more difficult to photograph her now.  There are many subtle shades that are hard to capture with the new paint.  If you click on the photos you can see them enlarged and see more of the colors.

Draken needs at least one pair of boots.  I started to make these while she was drying.

They fit.  Next step is to paint them with acrylic black paint.  It will make them look more like leather. 
 I may make her a second pair.  Boots she can wear at home.  These are for outdoors.  I want these to look like the mountain Fairy Folk made them for her.  She protects them and sometimes in the winter she brings them food.  As a Thank You they gift her with things.

Her face has been stippled with violet, black and ultramarine blue.
I keep old brushes for stippling.  The trick is to go slowly and try things out on your palette before you paint your doll.

She will have golden yellow eyes.  This base is orange.  Yellow is a transparent color-- so the base color is important.
Reptile eyes vary a lot.  Some have round pupils, some have slits.  I am thinking slits for Draken.  So I went looking for photos of reptile eyes with slits:

These are real eyes!  I love the top one- looks like it is smiling, and the eyelashes are da bomb!

Well, who on earth would mess with her?  With those eyes, her fangs do not need to be shown.  So I am leaving her lips as is- and sealing them with Sakura Crystal.

Boots Painted with 2 coats of acrylic black.

Flaps turned and held in place with ivory colored buttons.  I chose those buttons because they echo her eyes with their slitted pupils.

Next Post will have her hair and her clothing.

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  1. This is amazing transformation and I love the direction you have gone. I am really excited to see how you finish. I would like to suggest using a neutral gray background in a mid tone value to use as a background. I will let the deeper colors in her skin show up without too much contrast.

    1. Hey Cody :) Thanks for the tip. I will try that and I also plan on taking her outside to photograph- provided we have a day with little wind here.

  2. Hello from Spain: you do a great job of transforming this doll. It's very original. Keep in touch

  3. OMG PB, Draken is rocking my socks off!! I can't wait to see more of this ghoul!! please say she's going in your Etsy store...

    1. Really BIG smile here :) Yes, Draken will be going into my Etsy store. Right now I am working on her clothes and hair- which will wind up here eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    2. ermahgerd, I MUST have her!! :D

  4. My god, she is menacing, isn't she? I can't wait to see more of her.

  5. WOW... The return of Draken! I am almost speechless - You have brought her to life in such an amazing way - the skin mottling looks perfect, her eyes draw you right in, and I have to say, I think my favorite part is her horns. The detailing is wonderfully accurate looking and makes her look all the more majestic and authentic - like she really has weathered through the years soaring between mountain tops! I am SOOO excited to see the finishing touches on her, especially her hair, and clothes to match those kicking' boots. (Which I wish I could see closer up with the coats of paint on them, which is a technique I never would have thought of, but I bet they look even better in person then they already do!) Serious kudos - BRAVO, PB! :)

    1. Thank You :) Click on the photos and they will enlarge for you. Though black on black is kind of hard to see.

  6. Woah - glass eyes? How? (Actually, what are they?)