Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

 The Pirate Coquette

 Coquette means Flirt - as in someone who is flirtatious.  I see Coquette as someone who has been Flirting with Danger.  Point of fact, that is how her own doll's story began- so why not have her end up there- but as the Danger herself. 

Coquette's hair is vintage 1940's blond bound mohair from my stash.  I lucked into a large quantity of this mohair years ago- and it is just the best to have sometimes.  I think it suits her quite well.

She needs a hat- but I am not sure what kind would be best.  This is the first one.  A Tri Corner pirate hat.  There are other styles of pirate hats.
She seems to like this one.  It needs to be trimmed out.  I have some vintage gimp that would look good.  Some marabou around the edges might be nice too.

Shiver Me Timbers

Top, pants and boots are finished.  She still needs her hat trimmed out, a pair of earrings, black ribbon in her hair and a belt with a sword if I can manage it.

The top is made from vintage damask fabric, vintage Victorian lace with a silk voile for the sleeves.  Most of the sewing on the top was done by hand.  The edges were all zig-zag stitched on my machine to prevent the damask from unraveling. There are 4 different laces on the top.

The pants are made from 1940's shaved velvet in black. Very rich feeling.

Hat and boots are made from 100% black wool felt.  The boots are trimmed in 1950's vintage french gimp.  I will trim out the hat with some tiny vintage gimp. 
I am still hunting down my champagne colored marabou feathers- they would look great along the brim of the hat.  If I find them, they will be sewn around the top of the brim.  If I don't find them, the hat will get some vintage lace instead- with the tiny gimp trim sewn on top of it.

Coquette has come a long way from being in a box with bad paint, and melted hair.  She pretty much takes over whatever room she is in.  I will have a hard time parting with her.

October is almost here.  I found my box of coyote gourds- which look like little pumpkins.  Thinking about them and doll related things... we shall see what comes forth :)

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  1. She looks great! Definitely fits in with a group of Anne's band of pirates in my book! How on Earth did you get the felt to keep it's shape around the brim so perfectly? And speaking of perfect, I am in love with her shirt, from top to bottom... I have actually been looking for a dress quite similar to this, which begs the question - would you ever consider doing custom work? Could you e-mail me separately if it's something you may be interested in doing?? (musingsnippets@gmail). I also think this is hands down my favorite pair of boots. Your talent is off-the-charts awesome! Can't wait to see your next project... (ohhh - and as a sword for her, I think one of those plastic cocktail swords they sell in crazy colors is he classic cutlass shape, right size, and would lend itself well to painting, alcohol inks, etc. to get it looking more realistic; she may even be able to hold it - just a suggestion)

    1. Smiling here after reading your comment- because last night while going through a small drawer of miniature items, I found a plastic sword- just as you describe. It is red and likely last stabbed an olive in a drink. It needs to be painted.

  2. she's gorgeous, she has really undergone quite a transformation! I can only imagine how she would have ended up if someone else had gotten their hands on her, most likely the dump :/, but you really made her shine PB! I can't wait to see what you do next :)

    1. Thank You :) As to what is next... I always have more ideas than time, so I will have to pick and choose.

  3. Hello from Spain: This doll is very pretty. I like the hat. She's like a pirate. keep in touch

  4. PB, I wish I had your talent!!!!