Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wings and Things

As Promised, Wings!!!

For Your Favorite Doll ~ Make 'Em!

What follows is a slightly wonky Tutorial put together by PB Ray- our Editor and Chief Monster Wrangler.  Following the Tutorial- check out the Latest Custom -- Frankie Stein as you have never seen her before.  Enjoy, Big GZ

What You Need To Make These Wings:
1. Paper
2. Scissors
3. Pencil & Marker
4. Acrylic Paint & Brushes
5. Felt
6. Modge Podge or White Glue
7. Elastic
8. Needle and Thread 

The paint and glue make the felt pretty sturdy- so these are great for children as well as adults.  The elastic piece for these was about 4 inches long- it was trimmed after it was sewn onto the wings.  The way these are designed a lot of clothes will fit easily onto your doll afterward- and if that is not the case, you can put them on over the clothes.  You can make wings for any doll this way- does not have to be a Monster High doll.

Frankie Stein Custom

Frankie is the latest custom Monster High Doll that can be found on Dolly Dolly Fashions on etsy.

Frankie has a modified hand to sew with or pick at her stitches...  she comes with her own bench, a tiny spool of thread and a tiny needle that is threaded with white.  This ghoul will work her way into your heart.

Next Week:

Information on our May Raffle of  Monster High Freebies!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet Sugar!

The plan was to have a post about some new wings for Monster High Ghouls....but!  Sugar came along, and that changed everything.  In a very good way.  My interview with Sugar is not to be missed.

GZ:  Sugar, you are the newest Best Thing to come into My Monster Crush.  Welcome!

S:  Thank You Big G.  I am blushing under my face paint.

GZ:  You are the third custom to come from Dolly Dolly Fashions.  I would love to hear about your process- because, Sugar, you are very different!

S:  You mean how was I made?

GZ:  Exactly.

S:  I started out as kind of a parts doll I guess.  My parts are a combination of a Monster High Skeleton CAM and a Ghoulia body.  Poor Ghoulia lost her head.  The CAM arms were modded to fit the Ghoulia body's upper arms.

GZ:  How was that done?

S:  The pieces that go inside the arms were trimmed to be the same as the removed original arms, then they were sanded with a nail file until they fit.  That took awhile.  One must be patient when you are modding a doll.

GZ:  And what was next?

S:  Oh, next was opening up the upper leg to remove the original legs so that the skeleton ones could be put in.  The thighs were first cut with and exacto blade- then with a tiny round saw that fits on her Dremel tool.  Making the cuts with the blade made a channel for the saw blade.  After the old legs were removed and the skeleton legs put in, she glued the legs closed with nail polish remover.

GZ:  How does that work?

S:  Acetone or nail polish remover melts the plastic- she put some on with a q-tip and then held them closed.

GZ:  What was next for you?

S:  Hair.  She rooted my head with black KaneKalon.  It was braided and then set it with boiling water.  It was a little scary- but not too bad.  She kept my head out of the water.  Just the hair went into the bowl.
Then she took off my face paint- are you sure people are interested n this?

I am laughing now.  Sugar has no idea how charming she is.  I nod to let her know she can continue.

S:  Okay... well, while my hair was drying, my body was painted black.  Except for the lower legs and lower arms and hands- those were wrapped in plastic.  It is a special vinyl paint for cars- it sticks really well to plastics.  That way, she could paint my bones on top of the black.

GZ:  I understand that your face paint is done in a special way.  Would share with us that process?

S:  Sure.  First came the black lines, then white paint- then red, then multiple layers of thin white.  It gives me a glow.  It has more depth than if my face were painted one color.  See? 

GZ:  I see your eyelids were bright red!

S:  Yes, they were.  Then they were painted light peach several times.  Thin layers.

GZ:  Did the pencil hurt?

S:  No!  There is lots of hair and glue inside, so I didn't feel a thing!  Did you notice my lips are different colors on the top and bottom?

GZ:  Yes I did.  You are nothing but a sweet treat to look at.

S:  My bones were all over painted then- to give them texture and depth.  And my Flaming Heart has lots of layers too.  I really like my heart.

S:  Oh!  And my shoes have the bone bows painted- look! 

S: And I have these ridiculous eyelashes!  Aren't they wonderful?

GZ: I'll say!

We are now standing in the studio- the music is on and I asked Sugar for a dance.  She actually danced with me and my big feet - it was better than great.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

GZ:  I understand you have your own chair?  The one we used in the studio?

S:  Yes!  Is is nice and big.  I really like it.  It was made especially for me.

GZ:  It is perfect for you too.  Shows off your beautiful bone structure.

S:  Oh, Thank You!

GZ:  Thank You Sugar for taking time out of your schedule to see me.  It has been a blast!

Sugar is now looking for her new home.  You can see her here:

NEXT Post-- I promise- Wings!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Week EEK!

 Monster Bunnies

After finishing last week’s entry, I realized that the next entry (this one) would be happening during Easter Week.  Time to feature a bunny creature!

Alison O’Bryan makes these wonderful creatures and offers them for sale on etsy.  I chose her bunny because it appealed to both the grown up and the kid in me.  

                              To get Flobby, The Ratty Tatty Monster Bunny, go here:

About Alison, in her own words:

A Little Catty loves to make things and making things equals a happy Little Catty! My name is Alison O'Bryan and I love to make, sculpt, knit and sew all things fiber! It is my true passion in this life. I love things that are odd, maybe a little gothic, weird, and just fun!

We think what Alison makes is Monsterous Fun!

Other listings we liked on etsy:

Chauncey, by Pam at Yoborobo

Frankenbunny Photo, by Frankenkitty

Bunny Jewelry Set, by Monique at Revolta

NEW Monster High Book Collections For Sale
on Dolly Dolly Fashions:

Get The Books Here:

As Promised --
My Interview with Cherry Bomb!

Find Out What It Is Like To Become A Custom MH Doll

GZ:  Good evening Cherry.  Welcome to My Monster Crush.

CB:  Thanks Big G.

GZ:  I must say, when the first photos hit my desk top, I thought, “Wow, her head is blown off!”  Then I looked at the rest of the photos.

CB: (Laughs, knowingly)

GZ:  I would like to walk through this with you step by step.  I also have a question that comes first—what does it feel like to be a Custom?

CB:  Well GZ, it was actually a bit frightening at first. Then I realized, I was like a child or other member of the family.  So much care is taken with a Custom like myself.  I feel honored. Too bad you weren’t around to interview Valentina.  She could really tell you some stories!

GZ:  I know, I know.  Valentina is now a legend around the studio.  But, Cherry, I am sitting here with you.  What frightened you at first?

CB:  Oh, well, first there was the blow dryer!  Hot, hot, hot!  And my head started flipping down- then came the wrestling match.  My head was removed and I thought, “What is this?!”

GZ:  Sends a shiver down my spine!

CB: Exactly!  Then, the scissors come out.  Snip, snip, snip.  Most of my hair is gone.  Then the needle nose pliers- and the plucking begins.  After all of my hair was removed, my head was put into my lap! Honestly, I was wondering what was next. I was really frightened.

GZ:  So what calmed you down?

CB: The new hair!  I mean, its just fabulous.  First, the color!  And it went in with great care.  I realized as I was getting my re-root, that those hands were very careful about everything.  I started to wonder what was next in a whole new way.  Now I was excited to see what was coming next.

GZ:  The custom process didn’t stop with the hair.  What came next?

CB:  The body blushing.  Then my body was sealed.  What came after might have scared me, but I was trusting the process by then. 

GZ: So, what came next? 

CB:  Remover!  First my lip color was removed, then my eyebrows and of course my eyes.

GZ:  Then the painting began?

CB: Yes!  I got green eyes and red lips and blushed cheeks- it took 3 days- because of my eyes, but it was marvelous!

GZ:  Why did the eyes take so long Cherry?

CB:  30 thin layers of paint and Sakura Crystal.  30! 

GZ:  Amazing.  What was next?

CB: Wardrobe.  (she stands up twirls around)  You like? 

GZ:  If you could see beneath my scales…

CB: (Laughing) I can imagine!  Being a Custom is such fun!

GZ:  I understand you are leaving us and going to a new home in Tennesee?

CB:  Yes I am!  Me and Kaboom.  I am very happy.  I will be living with many other Custom Monster High Ghouls there.  I can hardly wait!

GZ:  I wish you all the best in your new home.
One last question, 
“What is the difference between a Custom and a Re-Paint?  Is there a difference?”

CB:  What a great question Big G.  I don’t know if there is really a difference- but in my mind there is a difference.  A Custom has everything.  New hair, new paint, new clothes and sometimes new ears, horns, a pet- or some other thing that makes them stand out.  Custom’s usually have a theme.  A story, if you will. 
I have my dog Kaboom, and a nice set of clothes made just for me- and look at my shoes!  Painted to match me!  So, I think of a Custom as having the works.

GZ:  Very thoughtful answer Cherry.  Thank You. 

Cherry left and we missed her the moment she was out the door.

Sneek Peek:

                                                                      Bat Wings!

Next Week:  More Wings from Dolly Dolly Fashions!