Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mayhem Misfits Makeover Stage One

Remember These Girls???

I have started the makeovers on these 3.

These 2 were covered in acrylic paint and some ink spots here and there.

This one was covered in purple nail polish and had a button glued to her face.  There was also black fabric paint and underneath all of that there was... ink.

Using Acetone, 100% Rubbing Alcohol, Cotton Swabs and Cotton Cosmetic Puffs and a ton of elbow grease they now look like this:

They are not quite finished here as far as clean up, but close.  All 3 have staining. They are shiny on their bodies where I used the acetone.  Acetone melts the plastic.  

Here they are trying on wigs and deciding what their looks will be when I am finished.  They have been sprayed with flat lacquer. Don't they look happier?

I have been fighting with my vertigo lately which means I cannot drive. My husband is so supportive. He suggested we look at the automotive store for some more vinyl spray paint.  The last time I had been there they were out of stock.  They were fully stocked, so the white paint is being sprayed on today.  

That white will be my canvas.  The beauty of the interior auto paint for vinyl is not only the nice coverage, but it dries fast.  This allows me to actually work on them the same day I have sprayed them.

 Only Frankie and Draculaura will be spray painted.  I can cover the stains on Clawdeen with sponged paint and pastels. She had the least damage from paint and ink.  Her worst trouble - hacked off ears.  I am not going to replace them.

More to come soon.  The Misfits are long overdue!

Cheers!  PB

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie : Time Out To Reflect

I Am Charlie!

What happened in France yesterday made me angry beyond words. 

It is still causing me to cry at the thought that anyone who picks up a pencil and draws something that someone else doesn't like should pay for that action with their life. 

9-11 was shocking and horrid and hell. This feels the same to me. It is not the number of lives lost. It is the idea that someone in the name of their religion would use that as an excuse to take another human being's life.

I don't know exactly what I am going to do around this, but I can feel a storm inside, and it will produce something.  

Bless you all in your endeavors in this life.  For some it is a daily battle to get out of bed and for others it is a hardy rush into the day with gleaming smiles and for the rest something in between. 
I wish you all well. ~ PB Ray