Thursday, September 25, 2014

1:6 Size Costume Boxes Old Style

All of You 8" - 12" Dolls 
Come One Come All For Extra Fun

A Table Full of Fun!

5 Costume Boxes, 2 Wig Boxes and 2 Candy boxes
per printed sheet- which you can print as many as you like
since they are printable downloads!

Printable Costume Boxes are now up in the shop:

Cheers!  PB

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monster High Halloween Masks

Now In The Shop!

Printable Download you can print at home and make for your dolls!

Costume Boxes Coming Soon!

Monday, September 8, 2014

1:6 Size Halloween Haunt Shoppe

The Beginning of Halloween Haunt Shoppe

What will be the street side of the shop..

Beginning of the inside of the shop.

Gathering and starting to put together pieces for the outside look.

Small window with paper towel curtains.

Left side is unpainted, right side has its first coat of paint.

I painted some vague details in black a blue.

I used clear plastic from a doll box for the window glass.

Starting on the bricks for the front. 
Foam core board scored with a broken tip pencil and a straight edge.

Top piece shows first coat of paint.  Bottom has
more colors added for better detail.

I want them all to look a bit different.

Door is made from cardboard, plastic from front of doll box and metal duct tape.

Hole is cut for door.  Door soon to be attached.


Inside view.

Sign attached, door, bricks and walls distressed.

Started making products for inside the shop.

I am still working on the inside of the shop. 
 My next post will be of the inside and more products and shelves and such. 

Sneek Peek: 

We are also working on the Curl Up and Dye Salon and Day Spa.

Its busy around here!

Cheers, PB

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Newest Dolls

Meet The Mayhem Misfits

My friend Cody purchased these in an ebay auction and then sent them to me. I fell in love with their spirit and energy. It is pretty clear they need help.  Lots of help.
My friend Mary and I talked about a storyline for them.  It involves them taking a road trip of sorts- and they really need a day or 2 at a salon.  Mary sent me a car.  They love their car.

Currently I am working on making a beauty salon and spa for them to visit.  In a future post you will see the salon and spa being built.
It is my intention to put up posts as I am able with updates on the Misfits and their adventures. Once the salon is finished I will begin the make-overs on these dolls.  Everything will be documented here.  I hope you will join us for the fun!

Cheers, PB Ray

Friday, April 25, 2014

Monster High Rocker

Pinkie Manx

Meet Pinkie Manx.  She is the founding member and the lead singer of the band Phit! She started as a back up singer for the graveyard band Tombstone Killers.  Her voice has a sex kitten quality with a feral edge.  When she started writing songs she wanted to perform those songs and so she formed Phit!
She has a collection of boom boxes and stacks of cassette tapes right next to an old school phonograph and LP's old and new in her living room.  On her end table is her MP3 player next to a jar of fresh catnip.  Her home is a reflection of her in every way.  
"I like to drag the past into the present with me," she says as I gaze around her home.  Yes indeed, she has brought them together and what a great mash-up it is. Just like her clothing.
Pinkie wears old and new together. A new self embellished ripped edges tee shirt with a faded black denim skirt and her favorite pair of Victorian shoes with messy shoe polish, glitter and paint splatters. This is not your average grrrl.

Getting started on her face.

Adding to her eyes and lips.

Deepening the colors on her face.

Added shine to her eyes and lips.

Starting on her clothes.  
Still haven't decided on the colors for her shoes.

More detailing on the clothes.

Boom box, cut off hose and shoes all hand painted.

I have started a new series of girls that reflect the punk scene, the Riot Grrls theme and reflect those I admire like Joan Jett, Bikini Kill and Pink. Pinkie Manx is the first of this series.  She will be up in my etsy shop this week.