Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Ideas

Don't Blink!
Both outfits are already sold.  There will be more.
Working at Mom's has left me very little time to create and sew.  I did manage to make 2 outfits out of one of her never worn blouses.  She bought a lot of clothing she never wore.  Even though they were new with tags, they had a bad smell from being in her home.  I have been washing them and cutting them up, adding to my fabric stash.
Some of her things I have donated to Goodwill after cleaning- but anything that looked like it would be good for dolly clothes has been set aside for future sewing adventures.
I have been thinking about what to give away at the end of March.
It will be a bunch of things- pieces of new fabric, trims, little doll sized items.  I will take some photos next week and post what I am putting together.  I am calling it a PB Fun Pack
Leave a comment get an entry for the March Drawing. 
Cheers, PB


Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding Joy

I take my joy where I find it. 
Found at Mom's --  One Frog Band made from shells.  Likely brought back from a trip she took.  The moment my brother hoisted them into the air for me to see I giggled.  Yes, I know, they are kitchy stuff.  They still make me smile!
All cleaned up and now residing on a shelf above my computer.
Love 'em.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Surprise :)

Momoko !

My dear husband surprised me for my birthday- and gave me a sweet Momoko!  I have wanted one of these dolls for quite awhile- but- other things have always come first.  I feel so spoiled!
A wonderful friend sent me a tiny stuffed kitty that reminds me of my dear departed Gracie - so I had some fun with Kitty and Momo and thought I would share here :)
Other Things
There is a lot for me to do these days and I will not be able to keep up here as I would like.  I had some plans that will have to wait.
When my brother and I arrived in California and went into our Mom's home- we found that she was not just a pack rat, she was a hoarder.  We had not been allowed inside of her home for what we now realise is about 25 years. 
There is some major, major cleaning that needs doing. So once a week we shoot over the California state line and head for Mom's and spend 2 days cleaning.
It is daunting and there is no other way.  Everything needs to be gone through a piece at a time because of the way she pack ratted and hoarded. 
There was no working plumbing the first 2 times we were there.  My brother has had his work cut out for him. I am grateful he is so handy.
All of this means I have little extra time to spend here.
In future I will come back as I am able and do some small entries.
I purchased a pattern from a seller on etsy for making clothes for Monster High boys and thought it might be good to document making a piece of clothing from start to finish from her patterns.
There are also 2 custom dolls sitting in their work bins looking at me with pleading faces to get finished.  If I manage to pick either one up and work on her, I will document what I do and put up what I can here.
DRAWINGS:  Instead of monthly, I am going to do them every other month.  There will not be a drawing for February- but there will be for March- and- every comment you make in Feb. and March will become entries for the March drawing- so just say Hi :) or whatever and I will keep that going- because its fun for me to do!
Thanks Again for the thoughtful comments about my Mom's passing :)
Cheers, PB

Friday, February 1, 2013

January Winner!

The Winner of the January Drawing

Cody Goodwin!
Cody you have one week to send PB your mailing address for your package full of doll hair.
Send your info to: pbvanchance@hotmail.com
Normally I do a full up photo shoot for this- but I am headed back to California today and just do not have the time.
So, Congrats Cody!
There will be a new post up next week- promise!