Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Day!

May Drawing Results!

The May Drawing happened with great anticipation this morning.  We shot photos, of course!

The Secret Last Prize added is in the photos below, as is the Winner of this Month's Drawing!

Now, here is another Secret!  If you were a non-winning entrant, put a comment in on this post, and send your name and address to : and recieve a small gift for participating in this month's drawing!  PB is not fond of anyone losing, and she insists.

So look at the pics, add a comment and shoot us an email- you have nothing to lose!

~ Big GZ

That is a lot of entries!

Frankie, camera is over here dear!

Scarred Kitty is Our Winner!

Along with all the other goodies, she gets a pair of boots with teeny skulls on them!

Pretty Awesome-O!

Congrats Scarred Kitty!

Sneek Peek for next Week: 
Well, no photo yet- but PB will be documenting in her photos a new custom Monster High Doll.  You can see what she does, A-Z.  So come back and visit us!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming Customs

Things in Flux

We hit the studio today to see what was up.  There are 2 new customs that are close to the finish line, and a new arrival- who has yet to get a new body, but already has a fan crush holding him tight.  We are close to the end of the month, close to our May Drawing finish line.  There is another item that will be revealed after the drawing- PB decided to keep a mystery piece- but I can tell you, it is very hypercrush cool.

Take a look at the pics, drop us a comment to get another entry in the drawing!

Scratchin' That Itch- Big GZ

Say hello to Sterling, the daughter of the Silver Surfer - peeking from behind is Frost, a fairy custom.
 (If you click on the photos, they will enlarge for a better view.)

Sterling is close to the finish line- she needs to have her shoes painted- can you see them?  She also needs her surf boards finished.  She loves California and surfing.  We like her slightly hippie chick vibe.

Frost needs a bit more work.  More paint on her body and her face- but she too is close to the finish line.  Her wings can be gently bent, as they have wire structures- and they are see-through a bit, because they are made from treated paper.  Frost lives on the edge of spring.  She loves when the melt comes to the high meadows.  It is her favorite time of year.

Last, but hey, not least, the newest arrival to our merry little band.  He arrived and Rochelle had him out of the package so fast it would make your eyes water.  PB insisted his parts remain in the plastic bag so none are lost while she prepares a new body for him.  He is supposed to be a new custom, but Rochelle is looking pretty attached- so we shall see who wins this one...

There are some new things on the shelves at Dolly Dolly Fashions.  We thought we would share:

You can see more here: 

Next post will be... The May Drawing Winner!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pass The Hat and More!

It has taken awhile to get back in here- because getting photos done has been a challenge of late.  Problems encountered, and problems solved- so- at long last, an over due UpDate!  ~GZ

Entries For Drawing


The Third Prize Added to May Drawing

Click on the pic and enlarge :)

2 Birds, One Stone. 

Every time you have left a comment, PB has written your name on a piece of paper and put it in the hat!
Its a big hat, so there are more than a few entries for the May Drawing in there!

Clawdeen is wearing the Third Prize added to the May Drawing.  A colorful top and skirt for your Monster High dolls! 

Frank and Boo agree, its a great combo for a photo op.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Prize Added

Second Item!

Keep posting your comments!  Here is the second item added to the total prize package:

It is an Angry Birds Lounge Wear Outfit for Monster High Dolls!

Want to win?  Read the rules in the May Drawing Post.

Want to see the First Item?  Read the First Prize post :)

We will be posting pics of the hat this week with your entries so far.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Die O Ramas

New Stuff for Your Dolls! 

Before I talk about the New Stuff for your dolls, just a reminder that all of this month you can enter and win prizes for your Monster High Dolls.  See the post "May Drawing" for the rules, and "First Week Prize" for a peek at one of the things you could win!.

Now, New Stuff!  Dolly Dolly Fashions has just introduced their new line:
Die O Ramas
These are boxes for your ghouls that you decorate and then put together with special clips that are included.
What is special about them is that you can decorate them while they are unassembled, then put them together.  You can take them apart and store them if you want to.

PB Ray has been using hers for awhile now, it is what we use for shooting photos.

It arrives like this, 2 walls, 1 floor and 7 clips.

Frankie modeling in an assembled Die O Rama Box.

It is not just for Monster High!  Works for other dolls too.
Is that Barbie?  Yep!  Hey, we keep things scarey here, remember?

Frankie, hanging on the Monster High set.

Want a Die O Rama Box?  Get it here:

Now what is Frankie wearing???

Oh boy... could that be the next prize to be added?

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Week Prize

Win This!

Dolly Dolly Fashions MH Outfit

Outfit consists of one skirt and one leotard top, one tiny dagger.  Doll not included. 
Rules for the Free Drawing are in the blog entry before this one.

Interview With Frankie:

GZ:  I was kinda suprised when I came to the photo shoot today Frankie.

F:  I know.  Everyone thinks my Dad is huge.  He does have gigantic hands. But Mom is actually the tall one in our family.

GZ:  Clearly you come from a very nice family. I really enjoyed meeting your Dad.  I would love to meet your Mom too.

F:  I am really proud of my family.  My Dad made all those movies, and Mom made a few too.  They worked really hard.  Movie monsters didn't used to make a lot of money- as you know.

GZ:  That is very true.  Things have improved.  Look at you and what you are doing. 

F:  Yes. I heard that you wanted to visit my design (slash) sewing studio?

GZ:  I sure do!

F:  Great!  Let's schedule that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Drawing!

Drawing For Free
Monster High Stuff!

Okay Boils and Ghouls, May is here and we have decided to have a drawing.  Rules below.

May Drawing – Get Some Free Monster High Stuff!
The staff at the Crush have decided to do a May Drawing with Free Prizes from Dolly Dolly Fashions.
Each week something new will be added to the prize package.
The Rules:
Drawing Event begins on May 1st 2012 and ends on May 31st 2012.
Become a Follower of our Blog and earn 5 entries.
Comment on a blog story and earn 1 entry. 
If you make 2 comments on a story, you will only receive one entry.
Names will be drawn from a hat- no- Really!  See Photos. 
The winning name will be posted on June 1st 2012. 
The Winner must send us their name and address by June 7th 2012 in order to receive their prizes.
We are thinking about doing this monthly…what do you think?

Cool hat, huh?

The first prize item will be pictured tomorrow.