Sunday, May 6, 2012

Die O Ramas

New Stuff for Your Dolls! 

Before I talk about the New Stuff for your dolls, just a reminder that all of this month you can enter and win prizes for your Monster High Dolls.  See the post "May Drawing" for the rules, and "First Week Prize" for a peek at one of the things you could win!.

Now, New Stuff!  Dolly Dolly Fashions has just introduced their new line:
Die O Ramas
These are boxes for your ghouls that you decorate and then put together with special clips that are included.
What is special about them is that you can decorate them while they are unassembled, then put them together.  You can take them apart and store them if you want to.

PB Ray has been using hers for awhile now, it is what we use for shooting photos.

It arrives like this, 2 walls, 1 floor and 7 clips.

Frankie modeling in an assembled Die O Rama Box.

It is not just for Monster High!  Works for other dolls too.
Is that Barbie?  Yep!  Hey, we keep things scarey here, remember?

Frankie, hanging on the Monster High set.

Want a Die O Rama Box?  Get it here:

Now what is Frankie wearing???

Oh boy... could that be the next prize to be added?

Stay tuned.


  1. What a cool idea! I bet they'd look great with the new Coffin Bean playset, too.

  2. One other thing occurred to me as I was about to take a nap (isn't that when you get all the best ideas?). I'm not sure if, say, the Coffin Bean playset (or similar) would fit in those - I don't have it so I can't say for sure. My point was, though, have you considered offering them in larger sizes for bigger rooms? I mean, I have enough dolls that I'm embarassed to mention the number, but if I really wanted to photograph the dolls having a party, I'd have trouble with that size. Maybe if they sell well in this size first?

    Also, what did you coat the boards with to paint(?) them? Some kind of base coat would be neccesary, I would think.

  3. This is just the first of the Die O Rama Boxes. We are starting small to see if there is really some interest- but- we can certainly make them larger.
    In fact, what isn't shown, is 2 of the boxes put together to make one large room.
    We don't have the back clips yet- so we decided not to show the boxes together as one room.
    Imagine the pics with Frankie and Barbie and their rooms connected.
    The boards are raw tempered masonite. You can use house paint primer, acrylic sealer- or just paint- which is what I did. I just started painting on the design I wanted with my acrylic paints.
    I also have one I spray painted white and put fabric on it afterward. That was an easy room make-over.

    You can suspend LED lights over it - making it a party room your dolls can have fun in.
    Really, your limits are few- and you can have fun with these- I sure have!

  4. Hello from Spain: congratulations on that idea as creative and original. Keep in touch.

  5. I'd also like to add that I went by your Etsy shop and I just LOVE the Bat Gazebo!!! it's just so freaking awesome!!

  6. I've been busy making my own little display boxes out of the UPS boxes some of my dolls have arrived in. lol This is really cool!