Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Day!

May Drawing Results!

The May Drawing happened with great anticipation this morning.  We shot photos, of course!

The Secret Last Prize added is in the photos below, as is the Winner of this Month's Drawing!

Now, here is another Secret!  If you were a non-winning entrant, put a comment in on this post, and send your name and address to : and recieve a small gift for participating in this month's drawing!  PB is not fond of anyone losing, and she insists.

So look at the pics, add a comment and shoot us an email- you have nothing to lose!

~ Big GZ

That is a lot of entries!

Frankie, camera is over here dear!

Scarred Kitty is Our Winner!

Along with all the other goodies, she gets a pair of boots with teeny skulls on them!

Pretty Awesome-O!

Congrats Scarred Kitty!

Sneek Peek for next Week: 
Well, no photo yet- but PB will be documenting in her photos a new custom Monster High Doll.  You can see what she does, A-Z.  So come back and visit us!


  1. AHHHHH!!! yay!! omg, I'm so excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! :D

  2. Argh, those boots are just.. -Squee!-

    Congrats on winning ScarredKitty, enjoy your outfits! :) x

  3. So jelli! Congrats Scarredkitty! <3

  4. What adorable boots! Congrats Kitty.

  5. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to the winner. I love the last picture with the picture of the boots. It is very original. Keep in touch

  6. Thanks everyone!! I'm really stoked, I hope PB is able to do this more often so everyone has a chance to win! I had so much fun with this :D