Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shoes For Monster High's Nefera

Best Foot Forward

As anyone knows who collects Monster High dolls and have a Nefera in that collection, the poor girl came with one pair of shoes.  Her feet are larger than her sister's feet leaving those of us with Nefera dolls with just the pair she came with -- unless you bought her nude-- in which case you have no shoes for her.

I made a couple of pair of Nefera shoes for a friend and then thought maybe I should make some for my store on etsy.

Nefera Shoes I made for my friend.
Black and Gold Heels for Nefera
Turquoise and Black Heels for Nefera
Purple and Black shoes for Nefera
The heels I made for Nefera were made with cardboard, art paper, black vinyl, air dry clay, paints, glitter nail polishes and gloss sealer.
As I get bored doing the same thing over and over I made every pair with different style heels.
Nefera shoes will be in my etsy shop in a day or two.
Cheers, PB