Monday, December 26, 2016

Goodness, where has the year gone?

December - the last gasp -- 12/26/2016

So, where were we?  This year has flown by. I do hope those of you who visit here have found things to help you, to inspire you. 
I've wandered a very strange path and find myself returning to my center.  This is a good thing. My latest adventure has been a big challenge- I am learning to use ZBrush, a 3D software program. More info at the end of this post. 

3D printed Elephant

Fall brought me back to one of kind designs in doll fashions.

Happy New Year Gown
Hand beaded with stretch liner attached inside, closes with a zipper.

Beach Baby

Lime in Da Coconut

Baby Doll Dresses

The latest chapter around our little home and studio - a 3D printer.  My hubby Chance has made some magic - shoes for my Divas.  We are just getting started with this.  It is quite the adventure!

These were too big.

The next pair were too small.  
But the ones after that were just right!
Bonus: The too small ones fit my Sybarites.

Why I am learning ZBrush.  
3D printing is cool, but you need designs to print.  This is my first try in the program.  Much more will follow. A great adventure is just beginning!

I hope the New Year brings you all nothing but the best!
Cheers!  PB

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