Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet Sugar!

The plan was to have a post about some new wings for Monster High Ghouls....but!  Sugar came along, and that changed everything.  In a very good way.  My interview with Sugar is not to be missed.

GZ:  Sugar, you are the newest Best Thing to come into My Monster Crush.  Welcome!

S:  Thank You Big G.  I am blushing under my face paint.

GZ:  You are the third custom to come from Dolly Dolly Fashions.  I would love to hear about your process- because, Sugar, you are very different!

S:  You mean how was I made?

GZ:  Exactly.

S:  I started out as kind of a parts doll I guess.  My parts are a combination of a Monster High Skeleton CAM and a Ghoulia body.  Poor Ghoulia lost her head.  The CAM arms were modded to fit the Ghoulia body's upper arms.

GZ:  How was that done?

S:  The pieces that go inside the arms were trimmed to be the same as the removed original arms, then they were sanded with a nail file until they fit.  That took awhile.  One must be patient when you are modding a doll.

GZ:  And what was next?

S:  Oh, next was opening up the upper leg to remove the original legs so that the skeleton ones could be put in.  The thighs were first cut with and exacto blade- then with a tiny round saw that fits on her Dremel tool.  Making the cuts with the blade made a channel for the saw blade.  After the old legs were removed and the skeleton legs put in, she glued the legs closed with nail polish remover.

GZ:  How does that work?

S:  Acetone or nail polish remover melts the plastic- she put some on with a q-tip and then held them closed.

GZ:  What was next for you?

S:  Hair.  She rooted my head with black KaneKalon.  It was braided and then set it with boiling water.  It was a little scary- but not too bad.  She kept my head out of the water.  Just the hair went into the bowl.
Then she took off my face paint- are you sure people are interested n this?

I am laughing now.  Sugar has no idea how charming she is.  I nod to let her know she can continue.

S:  Okay... well, while my hair was drying, my body was painted black.  Except for the lower legs and lower arms and hands- those were wrapped in plastic.  It is a special vinyl paint for cars- it sticks really well to plastics.  That way, she could paint my bones on top of the black.

GZ:  I understand that your face paint is done in a special way.  Would share with us that process?

S:  Sure.  First came the black lines, then white paint- then red, then multiple layers of thin white.  It gives me a glow.  It has more depth than if my face were painted one color.  See? 

GZ:  I see your eyelids were bright red!

S:  Yes, they were.  Then they were painted light peach several times.  Thin layers.

GZ:  Did the pencil hurt?

S:  No!  There is lots of hair and glue inside, so I didn't feel a thing!  Did you notice my lips are different colors on the top and bottom?

GZ:  Yes I did.  You are nothing but a sweet treat to look at.

S:  My bones were all over painted then- to give them texture and depth.  And my Flaming Heart has lots of layers too.  I really like my heart.

S:  Oh!  And my shoes have the bone bows painted- look! 

S: And I have these ridiculous eyelashes!  Aren't they wonderful?

GZ: I'll say!

We are now standing in the studio- the music is on and I asked Sugar for a dance.  She actually danced with me and my big feet - it was better than great.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

GZ:  I understand you have your own chair?  The one we used in the studio?

S:  Yes!  Is is nice and big.  I really like it.  It was made especially for me.

GZ:  It is perfect for you too.  Shows off your beautiful bone structure.

S:  Oh, Thank You!

GZ:  Thank You Sugar for taking time out of your schedule to see me.  It has been a blast!

Sugar is now looking for her new home.  You can see her here:

NEXT Post-- I promise- Wings!


  1. Wow! She looks awesome! I plan to post some updates of my first custom on my blog :)

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations for the work on the doll. I was avery original and terrifying doll ... A job well done. Keep in touch.

  3. Awesome piece. Ilove the whole concept. Great detail. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much :)

      Sugar was well worth the time that was invested in her.

  4. I was wondering- How did you make here shoes? A repaint? And what did you make Cherry Bomb's dog?

  5. The shoes came with the Skeleton CAM pack from Mattel. I painted the bone bows so that they would have some detail.

    Cherry Bomb's dog Kaboom was made from polymer clay on top of a sturdy wire armature. He was painted with acrylic paints and sealed with a flat spray. His collar is real leather.

  6. OmG what an Awesome doll! I am in total Awe - Great Blog too! I can see TiGGy is gonna be checking things out here often, we have a terrible soft spot for monsters and of Course Frankenstein and Godzilla! Omg this place RoCks!

    1. Thank You Tiggy :)

      Hoping we will have a new post up on Monday. We have a new doll to feature, and the wings too.

  7. Sugar is just beautiful!! The first time I saw that CAM pack I thought how cool it would be if someone made a custom doll just like this, it's like my thoughts made real only way cooler then I pictured!! I just love her :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thank You :) She is really the deep fried diva around here right now...we enjoy her fat/skinny company.

  9. Replies
    1. "Create A Monster" Monster High doll pack.

    2. Where do you buy them?

    3. You can still buy the CAM packs on ebay:

      And some people sell them with a torso (CAM packs do not have torsos):

      I repainted Sugar from head to toe- you will not find anything like her for sale. She is a true one of a kind.

    4. I know - she is a beauty! I'd just seen you mention Cam a few times and had no idea what it was. Thanks!

    5. One more thing, are these made by the monster high company? Or a different one?

    6. They are made by Mattel- just like all of the other Monster High dolls and assorted items.

  10. How did you do the "ridiculous eyelashes"? They are amazing!

    1. I used lashes I bought at Walgreens. I trimmed them to fit and glued them in place. Then I trimmed the ends one lash at a time to shape them.

    2. I have a spray paint meant for outdoors - can I use it on a doll?

    3. The only spray paint I have found that will work is found at automotive stores- it is made for vinyl and fabric to use on car interiors. You must be sure the doll is free of mold release agent- scrub with soap and water and let dry over night first.