Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragon Mod Finished

Draken's Big Finish

Long ago in a far away life I used to make hand beaded moccasins.  Last night after putting everything away I remembered that I still had some leather scraps stowed in a bag on my shelves.  The pieces are small, too small for a doll cloak or a pair of human mocs, but plenty there for a top and bottom for Draken. 
Draken's top is cut from one piece and strings through the sides to criss-cross in the back.  The yellow tint of the deerskin is a great compliment to her deep violet and purple hues. I cut everything unevenly to make it look more authentic, more real.  She didn't buy this in a store.
We started on her hair as well.  One bit of fluff at a time.   She will also have hair on her tail.
The hair is Tibetan lambs wool dyed black with pinkish tips. Also a left-over from a past project- but there is plenty for tiny Draken to have a nice head of hair and have her tail look respectable as well.

Okay, guess which outfit she prefers?  Aww, you guessed.  Deerskin it is.  I will have to stow the other outfit for another doll.  Clearly, this is it for her.  This, the cape and the boots.  Draken all the way.  Now, I need to finish her hair!


A happy Draken.  No more fittings, no more glue.
I so wanted to take photos outside- but the wind was blowing  much too fierce- maybe tomorrow.


  1. I love the leather clothing, very nice.

  2. I second Ashley - Love the switch-up to the leather clothing! They look much more dragon, and all-in-all she looks simply amazing! Bravo! I would love to see some pics of her out in the sun, sitting on her mountain-top, which would really show off all intricate features, like her skin, with all it's beautiful colors.
    I guess I'm curious about her personality... beyond what one might infer from her looks. You said she's a mountain dragon... does she collect things like dragons in some stories, and have a stash she protects? Does she live a relatively easy, peaceful life, or is her life as a dragon harder, and the things she needs to survive not so easy to come-by. The story-teller in me is interested in what little tidbits of info you have imagined while you were creating her... :) Sorry if you feel this is a nosy question! The hard-wired dreamer in me is always imagining, and genuinely wonders if these thoughts go through other's minds when they create wonderful things...

  3. Hello from Spain, leather clothing is perfect. Great job. . Keep in touch

  4. omg, she's gorgeous! and the yellow leather really brings out her eyes, I love her :D