Sunday, September 9, 2012

Modding Part 5

Finishing Draken
If she looks a tad unhappy, she is.  Draken is not big on having fittings.  Usually I fit clothing to Cleo- she is my resident 'model on call' for fittings.  But Draken has some "special" attributes that require I fit directly to her.  Her horns and tail must be taken into account.  This is a dry run- I never cut the actual material until I am sure what I am making will fit properly.  This cape is hand and machine basted.  Once I am done fussing with it, I will rip the seams and use it for a pattern. The yellow fleece cost 1.00 for almost 2 yards in the remnants bin.

I also purchased some light brown fleece when I bought the yellow. I want her to look like she is wearing a fur cape.  One that is well worn.  Using Tulip fabric spray paint and my fingers I change the color and look of the brown fleece.  At the top is the brown with black, bottom is the original color.  Behind both is the yellow that I practiced on.

I rarely fail to make a mess when I paint- which is what you see on the label.

It is important to remember scale when one is working with fabrics and dolls.  A long fake fur cape would look too big and cumbersome.   This fleece looks more like buffalo or a sheep type of fur once it is painted.  This needs to look like something she killed and then made her own.

After Draken is finished with all of her fittings, I will apply her hair.  She will remain a little spitting and hissing baldy until I am done with her garments.  Right now she is clawing her way through my goodie drawer looking for weapons.  As if her fangs and nails aren't enough!  Pretty sure she wants a staff as well.  I will go twig hunting soon if she continues on this path...

Skirt made of batik in layers of shredded single pieces. 
Vest style top made of white felt with faux white fur and vintage embroidered ribbon.

Cape has soft suede ties at the throat. 
I would have fussed more with the hood, but both of us were
feeling pretty impatient- best not push things.  I will fuss after she has hair.

I lined her boots with the same material as the cape. 

Everything fits.  It has been a long day for both of us.  Tomorrow, she gets hair and then an outdoor photo shoot.

Next Post will have her finished and will include some better photos of her garments and her wearing them.

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  1. I am so in love with this girl, she's really coming along nicely! and her clothes are just so cute :D

    1. And her clothes are not you will see in the next post.

  2. Hello from Spain: Your work is very innovative and creative. Gorgeous .... Keep in touch

  3. She's looking fiercer by the second! I especially love the cape and addition of lining to the boots. I've played around with dyeing fleece for a costume, and got great result using fabric paint much like you did, and then adding even more dimension to it by spraying along the hemline and sleeve openings (the parts that would naturally become the most worn with continued use) with a very strong batch of coffee in a kinda ombré-ish effect. I was tickled with the result.
    I think she would look great with a staff of some kind... I'm dying to find out what she'll look like with hair, all finished up! :) You've put a tremendous amount of work into her, and it definitely shows with every detail!

  4. She gets hair in the following post:

    She is now living in Oregon :)