Friday, June 22, 2012

Custom Monster High Doll Face Painting

Part 2

Custom painting of Monster High Doll Head

We started with Candy and will continue until she is complete.  If you have been reading the tutorials, and you read the tip section at the end of the last face painting session, you might remember something I wrote about there was not so big a mess you could make, that it could not be repaired.

Last Monday, while preparing something in the kitchen, I managed to cut my thumb and thus put myself out of the painting game for a bit- because it hurt to hold the tiny brushes.  Fast forward to Thursday.  On Thursday I set everything up to finish painting Candy and to document that for the tutorials. 
 I was and am wearing a bandage on my thumb.

My thumb bandage got some blue/black paint on it, which transferred to Candy's nice white face.  I should have taken a photo, but I was really upset with myself and it did not cross my mind. 

I removed the blue/black paint with alcohol. So, her face is looking not so nice.  The sealer gets gummy and made lines in her face.
I will have to go in and repair my mess.  Since I had the paint mixed for her eyelashes, I continued with her eyes.  When they are done, I will repair her face, and take photos of that as well, so you can see what was done. This post will include that repair.

So, lets begin with the eyes.

I mixed black, ultramarine blue and some medium.  I started with a watercolor wash of the lower lashes- they look gray because there is very little paint in my brush- there is a lot of medium.

Next I took more paint and painted the upper lash line.  I used more paint, which makes it look black.  I never use straight black on anything.  I always add a little blue, or purple or brown- otherwise, the black looks too flat.   It may appear to be just black- but it has more life with the other color mixed in.

Using my 10/0 short liner brush I started to add the upper lashes.  The first set were gray, then I went darker and darker.  I lowered the lid line a bit to adjust her slightly sultry look.  My intention for Candy's eyes is to have them be a bit over-the-top.  This means ridiculous lashes.  I want her eyes to call to you. 
When the paint is dry, I will apply another coat of the Sakura Crystal on the eyeball part.  When that is dry, I will start on her face - and repair the damage.

First step to clean- Alcohol and swabs.  The sealer will get gummy, so I will need to go slowly and use lots of swabs.  This requires some patience.

The blushing is coming off.  I will start working the sharp end of the swabs up close to the lash line.

Eventually all the blush will be gone and some of the lashes too.

Her face is wet with the alcohol and it is softening up the sealer.  She is close to being finished with the cleaning.

I am continuing to clean around the lips and the lower lashes.

All clean.
Now I will let her rest- to be sure the alcohol and any remaining sealer is dry before I do the re-paint.

In order to re-apply the blush to her cheeks I need a thin coat of fresh paint.  The cleaning has left the surface too smooth to get the result I want to have with the pastels.  Her lower lashes have been removed back to the original blush line.

White acrylic paint and a cosmetic sponge wedge.  Dip your sponge in clean water and then squeeze it - this will leave just a little water behind, making your painting smoother.

Pick up some paint in the end of your sponge and dab it on your palette until it looks like this. 

Move quickly in little stabbing motions over the areas you want covered.  The paint layer needs to be very thin.

This works for painting your doll as well.  You will need to use many thin coats to get the same effect.  It works really well if you do it this way.

Candy is now re-painted.  None of the damage is present, and I have a clean surface to re-apply her blush.  I will use the same technique as shown before in a previous tutorial on June 13, 2012, using pastels.

I have given her a new blush with the pastels, and added some more color to her lips.

I have started putting in the lower lashes with the light gray made from the black/blue/medium mixture.

Now I am adding more dark strokes pulling from dark paint left under the eye with my liner brush.

After darkening the lower lashes, I started on the top lashes.  I build them like real lashes- even though it looks like it is solid, it is not. 

The contrast of the light and the dark make her face look more dramatic.

Before adding any more detail, I have put another coat of Sakura Crystal on the eyes and lips.  I put a coat of flat acrylic sealer on the lashes.

In order to build more perspective depth in her lashes, I put in some medium gray lashes on top of the black.

Then I added the black/blue mix on top of the gray.  Once this is dry, I will add more flat sealer on the lashes.  The difference is more noticeable in person.  This is why you need to judge for yourself as you go along.  Candy is now looking right at me- her personality is shining through. She would like to know where those clothes are...?!  Next Up.

Don't forget to leave your comments or questions- for which you will get another entry in the June Drawing :)


  1. I'm sorry you had to go through all the trouble of cleaning her up like that but I think it's really cool that you put the process up on here, it will really come in handy with the mistakes I will inevitably make, lol! awesome job so far, her lashes are gorgeous!

  2. You are sweet to say this- but really, it makes it better to be able to share the experience. If it helps anyone- wonderful!

  3. She looks gorgeous! Well done :3
    I can't wait to see what's up next.

  4. Awww, poor thumb :( I hope it is feeling better! I love that you have shown an example here of how things can be repaired :)

    Candy is turning out so cute so far! She has such a coquettish little face :)

  5. Thumb is all better, Thank You! Candy is sitting looking at my clothing sketches for her. I may put some up in here so you can see how things often go around here :)

  6. Hello from Spain: congratulations for this great work. Thank you for showing all the steps you did. The doll looks gorgeous. We kept in touch

  7. She's so cute! Is she like the daughter of the candy man or what's her story? She's so sweet that I just have to know!
    Also, about the paint used, does it have to be the special paint or does regualar acrylics work?

  8. Candy just came to mind when I was doing some drawings. I have lots of drawings of custom dolls. Some come to life and some are still waiting. Candy came front and center when I got the pink mohair. It was her time.

    You can use regular acrylics with the sponge method. Just be sure to seal your paint with Mr. Super Clear.

  9. this amazing i want her so bad can i have her jk u can have her

  10. So to be clear (no pun intended), once you finish everything on the head - all make up, detailing, etc - you seal it? the whole head or just the head minus eyes and lips?
    thanks again!

    1. I seal the whole face with a matte spray. Then I add the shine to the eyes and lips on top of that. Since I always root the hair first, I cover it while I am working- don't want spray in the hair.

    2. Thanks!
      Another question - since you repainted the whole body, how do you handle the paint/sealer on the joints? I'm doing my first repaint - CAM dragon, in case i screw up so bad i can just buy more parts. but i didn't anticipate how hard it would be to completely repaint the body. i have no clue what to do with the joints so the paint doesn't come off but the joints are still movable. I can see an eensy bit of that in your last pic on this page. but i'm using cheap acrylic red on a pink body. Suggestions?

    3. Paint will always come off from the rubbing of the joints. Paint on any surface will come off if it abraded or rubbed.
      Spraying the body with a flat sealer will help some. I always use a flat sealer on doll bodies.
      I would never recommend using cheap paint on any surface. I always use the best materials I can buy- as it does make a difference. Why spend so much of your time and effort on making something with cheap materials?
      If you read the other tutorials, you will find that you cannot ruin your doll very easily as you can remove the paint and start over.
      Patience is key- it takes time to do custom work. Take your time and you will get there.
      Cheers, PB

    4. I use cheap paint bc I'm just starting out customizing.I will certainly upgrade my supplies when I know what I'm doing and can afford it! Thank you for your help and tutorials! I need to read more of them - but like I said - still just getting started learning - I'm currently out of work so I'm working with what I have.
      Thank you again! You have been so helpful (and patient!)