Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 2012 Drawing

Okay! June Drawing Details are here...
Comment on this post and get one entry.  Comment on posts that follow, get additional entries.

What are we giving away this month?  Jeans.  Jeans from Dolly Dolly Fashions.  Pictures that follow are just  representations- because the winner will have a choice- boy jeans or girl jeans.  They will be made after the drawing.

Get your first entry in --  make a comment on this post- just say hi or howdy :)

Drawing will be on June 30, 2012.  Winner has one week to send us their address and preference for a girl or boy pant, and we send them some Monster High jeans!

Monster High Boy Jeans

Monster High Girl Jeans

PB has been hard at work in the studio. 
We are hopeful that there will be a new post with photos for the Custom make-over very soon.

Over and Out, Big GZ

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  1. Those girl jeans are adorable!!!!

  2. Ooh, why not? Those look really cool!

  3. This sounds like alot of fun:)

  4. Hello from Spain: I am excited to see in a future post with photos for the Custom make-over. The jeans are very nice. Keep in touch.

  5. Custom make-over? I'm intrigued :)
    Those jeans look very professional!

  6. OMG I **LOVE** these jeans! They give me so many ideas :D Just met you on the monsterhighdolls website and came along to your blog. I definitely need to spend some time perusing! And I'd love to enter the drawing :)

  7. Oh man, jeans! I love them * w *