Monday, November 11, 2013

Non Doll Post

Dolls are fun.
Today's post is about being human.
The people of the Philippines are in dire straights.
Please Help if you can.
World Vision – First flight with relief supplies was today.
Philippine Red Cross – Emergency Aid
Doctors Without Borders – ‘nuff said.
Habitat for Humanity – To repair and rebuild homes
Thank You.  Every little bit counts.
~PB Ray


  1. Hello from Spain: I join your tribute to the tragedy of the Philippines. My country sent two aircraft with food ... Keep in touch

    1. Thank You Marta. You are bonita.

  2. Dragons Redemption: I was looking for some info on doll face ups/ remodelling after seeing a custom Sailor Moon doll on deviantart, its been really hard to find info on how to do anything or where to start which is why I was so happy to find your site :) I don't have an account of my own but I've really enjoyed your blog and I wanted to thank you for both inspiring me and for all the helpful hints, tips and tutorials you have created. could I email you some pics of my first attempt when I finish her and get your critique? I'd really value your opinion.
    Thanks for, well ....... everything really, for existing and giving me some hope for my own hobby and for all the amazing things your have created

    1. Sorry this took so long - I am behind on everything! I would love to see what you do- you can email me here:
      Thanks also for the positive feedback - I really appreciate it!