Friday, October 11, 2013

A Bit More




 I am at work on a custom Monster High doll and of course more fashions.  Stay Tuned :)



  1. Awesomeness as always. I love your creative fashions. Have you sewn for non monster high dolls before?

    1. Thanks Cody :) Yes, I have sewn period pieces for antique dolls, clothes for Barbie, clothes for baby dolls and clothes for all manner of Asian ball joint dolls -- and others I am probably forgetting.
      Fashions for dolls started a long time ago when I started restoring old dolls. They usually arrived nude and without shoes.
      When I wanted to make shoes for high heel feet back in the late 1990's, I sat down with my brother and an old doll shoe from 1957 and we figured out how to make shoes for the fabulous fifties dolls (before Barbie).
      I sold fashions and shoes for Toni, Dollikins, Little Miss Revlon, Cissy and others starting in 1998, when I first got onto ebay. It was fun and it helped pay my daughter's college fees.
      I started sewing when I was 10. I made myself a kimono out of old bed sheets by hand. Then I decorated it with crayons and ironed the designs into the fabric. Made a wee mess of the iron... but the kimono looked great :)

  2. That first ensemble is so Black Swan-sans-feathers, I LOVE IT. And the teensy keyring at the end is too adorable for words. Great work!

  3. Wow! No wonder your fashions look so awesome. I am always in awe of any artist, and yes I consider you an artist, can do with random pieces of fabrics and trims. We are all clever in our own way and I love seeing what you do and the vision you have for your pieces. They tell stories even if you aren't intending that initially. Awesomeness and I am happy to have stumbled upon your work not too many months ago and count you as a friend from afar. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've fallen in love with the pleated skirt, it's gorgeous :3

  5. hay have u customized any more monster highs?