Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drawing Winner!!!!

Today is the Day!

Lots and Lots of entries for Bitty Bat!

Drum Roll..........

Ashley Archades!

All right Ashley -- you need to send your name and address to:
Bitty Bat will be mailed to you.


We will be having a new drawing for August :)

Same rules as before- comment on the posts of August- get an entry for the drawing.

PB really does take little pieces of paper and write your names on them- and into the hat they go.

Prize for new drawing will be posted this week.

Personal Note:  PB is nursing a very old companion during her last days and is behind on nearly everything.  Draken will be back.  Right now, Gracie the cat takes front and center.

Gracie Ray

Shorts sets are now up at Dolly Dolly Fashions:


  1. OMG! This is the first time I have ever won anything. Thank you :)

  2. Ashley- You are Welcome :)

  3. **cries** Awwww! I wanted to win that one so badly!

    Much love to you right now PB <3

  4. love the new outfits too!! the suspenders are so cute :)

  5. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to the winner of the draw. These pants with suspenders are very original ... Keep in touch

  6. As much as I am an avid MH lover, I am an even bigger animal lover, and today my heart goes out to you PB! You and your little Gracie Ray - I know what it's like to drop everything for a furry companion who needs a lot of extra TLC!
    We'll all be here eagerly, but patiently, waiting for you to return to your incredible artwork when the time is right. (Probably squirming a bit to get a look at your newest fashions, and ESPECIALLY Draken's return!). Until then, here's wishes for a speedy recovery for Gracie, and hugs for you! Your tidbits of wisdom inspire us all!

  7. Last, but not least, Congratulations Ashley! Enjoy your new snuggly little buddy - he is a forever cutie-pie!

  8. Thanks again! I got bitty bat in the mail yesterday. ;)

  9. Dearest "Gracie Ray"...We have never met...but...i know this...That my Sweet friend, Little Missy & her Chance, Love you plenty...& you are a constant, in their thoughts...Southern Comfort & Heaps of gentle caresses are sent your way Darlin "Kitty Gracie Ray"...Southern boi...

  10. I haven't checked your blog in a while, I've missed so much :(
    Loving the new fashion and congrats to the winner!