Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Prize Part 3

The last items added to the August Drawing are these miniature books for your 1:6 scale dolls -- Monster High, Barbie, Momoko, Obitsu and Volks to name a few.  These were all handmade by PB.  The interior pages are recycled magazine pages, the covers are printed on glossy stock.  These fit nicely inside the purse!

You now have 3 days left to comment on the August posts to get entries into the August Drawing.

PB is looking for suggestions for the September Drawing- if you have any, please leave them in a comment for her. 

New things will be popping up in September.  Nom.  Let 'em eat cake and such.

                             Stay in touch!  ~ Big GZ

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  1. OMG you are kidding me!!!! The Night Circus is one of my favorite books ever :D And it's TINY!!! XD <3 LOVE <3 Some really, really cute new clothes, too!

  2. :) I wish it didn't take so much time to make these- because I really like to make tiny books!

  3. Super cute little things! You're very talented!

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like these books. Your work is gorgeous as always. Keep in touch

  5. Ahhhh - the books are AH-MAZ-ING! And you are on a serious roll... I've been eyeing a few things in your Etsy store, and you just keep making more and more fantastic items, like the first dress pictured above - it's too adorabe!!! (lol - I am soooo glad I just proofread that last sentence - autocorrect turned first dress into "dirt dress"... that woulda been an accidental offensive Oopsies! :) As for ideas for next months "special giveaway"... maybe something like a small creativity packet - ribbons, a charm, tiny beads, etc. Just food for thought... You're uber-creative, and I really like the direction your blog is headed!!!

  6. musingsnippets: Dirt Dress sounds cute to me- but, well, that is me :)
    Thank You for the thoughts for the September Drawing :)
    So maybe a "make it yourself packet" for the prize? Hmm.
    Thinking Caps are on...

    1. I loves me a thinking cap!! And thank goodness the Dirt Dress went over well... :p