Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Prize

This is the first of the small items being put together for the August Drawing.  It is a working purse made from denim with a chain and skull decorated front flap.  A fight broke out here when we went to take the photos- and then everypone's jaws dropped when it was explained that this item was for the drawing.  I told PB- you need to make some more of these. Lagoona thought it was dreamy, Operetta just flat out thought it had been made for her and all of the rest followed with, "I want it!" 
Only the Drawing Winner will get it.  It is the first of several items that will be given away.  Actual drawing is on September 1, 2012.  Same rules- make a comment on an August post, get an entry for the drawing.


Off to get some ice scream ... !

                                                                          Thank You all for dropping by~  Big GZ


  1. I understand how they feel! lol, love it!!

  2. Hello from Spain: I love this bag. It is a very fashionable bag. Keep in touch

  3. Oh that is CUTE XD Love it, PB :D

  4. :D - The first pic made me giggle! Lolz - I can see why every ghoul around there wanted to stake her claim! It's absolutely adorable! ...Speaking of adorable, I was snooping around your Etsy page last night, and found a whole laundry load of new clothes I'd like to bring home for my dollies - one piece in particular! You've been a busy gal lately... Really AWESOME job PB! I have some deciding to do....

  5. If we made you smile- Huzzah!

    Doin' the Happy Dance :)

  6. Your bags are great! Looking forward to seeing your other fashions, mods and other drawing prizes :3