Thursday, July 19, 2012

Modding - Part 3 - Tail and Paint

Draken's Tail & Body

Tail is finished, time for a fitting.  I decide where I want the tail to be, and make a mark with pencil on her back.

Now I need to make a hole for the tail wire.  The wire is for stability and to add resistance that is not dependent on the magic sculpt.  I am using a stencil cutter with a fine tip.  It gets hot enough to make a hole while not damaging the rest of the plastic.  How many crafts have I tried over the years?  Lots.  This stencil cutter is no good at all for cutting stencils- but- I have used it to repair dolls and on many other projects.

Hole is made.

I test it with the wire.  The wire is a little too long so I clip it shorter with wire cutters.

I've mixed my magic sculpt and divided into to balls. 

One is flattened over the hole.

I stick the tail wire in, find the hole and push.  Then I start shaping the clay over the tail end.  I smooth it with water and my fingers.  I add to it with the other clay I have mixed and waiting.

Now she sits for 4 hours to harden.

The magic sculpt has hardened.  The fabric didn't reach all the way after I started sewing.  I could simply attach another piece of fabric, but I kind of like the way this looks, so I am going to go with it for now and see if I can keep the feel of the exposed poly batting.  We shall see.

Beginning painting of the tail.  I am using the violet first.  Green, blue and then violet and black will follow.

I am also beginning the sponge painting of her body.

When you use a cosmetic sponge to paint your doll, remember to not use too much paint.  It needs to go on in thin layers.  I cut my sponges too- make some with smaller surface areas to fit inside curves and such.  Draken will have 2 coats of violet and then a coat of spray sealer before her serious painting begins.  I am using the same method on her head.

This is a short post, but there will be a follow up post as soon as I can manage.

Meet Duvet

The latest addition to our little family of critters.


  1. her tail is so long! she is going to be amazing when you're done I just know I'm going to love her :D, and all of your little animals are so stinkin cute!!

  2. LOL!!!! Yes, her tail is very long. I can never go halfway with anything. Like Sugar before her- I see what I want to achieve and I won't stop until I get there.

  3. Hello from Spain: an awesome job! keep in touch.

  4. That stencil cutter looks handy. I didn't realize that they make those! I'll have to remember that. I love her long tail, I can just imagine her whipping it around in anticipation for the rest of her customization to be done!

  5. Duvet.. -dies-

    So. Cute.

    You've got very innovative ways round problems to make your customs and mods :3

  6. Duvet..
    So cute!
    -grabby hands-

    I absolutely adore your designs and the way you pull them off; the end result is professional and looks like it could be sold in high end shops :3
    You have very innovative ways of getting round problems to make your customs/mods and I'm very keen to see what you come up with next!
    Well done :3 x

  7. hi I was wondering what paints to us for customizing because there is no store around where I live that sells acrylic paint. What should I do?

    1. I use Liquitex paints. They are artists paints. I don't know where you live, but you might try looking for an art store or a hobby store in your area. I buy mine at Michaels. You can also buy on-line.

    2. well I live in Canada and there is a Michaels in Toronto but I'm not planning on going soon, but there is a dollar store in my town and it sells crafters acrylic would that work?

    3. They might work, and you could try them. If they don't work you can remove them from the doll and buy some professional grade acrylic paints in Toronto.
      You will also need a clear flat spray on sealer and some acrylic gloss medium for the lips and eyes.
      There are some tutorials on painting here:

      Removing the head and hair:

      and getting started painting:

      and finishing painting:

      You can use Testors clear flat spray to seal your work and it is less expensive than Mr. Super Clear- which can be hard to find. You can find Testors in hobby stores- or model train stores. People who do model building use it.

    4. I finally found some acrylic paint I can use.