Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drawing Winner !

We had our drawing this morning for the Monster High Doll Jeans- and the winner is...

Hmm, we need a close up...
REECE!  The Winner is Reece !

Okay Reece, you have 7 days to send PB your name, address and choice of girl jeans or boy jeans. 
You need to send your information to:

We will be continuing with monthly drawings.  Same rules as before, and the prize for July will be announced in a week. 
Keep up your comments!  PB keeps track of every one of them and makes entry slips for every one of them.

Congratulations Reece!  ~Big GZ

Someone New

Meet Sterling

Daughter of the Silver Surfer

She loves surfing and the whole beach scene.

She has Glow in the Dark Eyes with Glitter...and some cosmic dust that glows in her hair.

Dolly Dolly Fashions is having a one week sale.  Many outfits have been marked down 50%.  Stop by this week and pick up a bargain.
Mention "mymonstercrush" in your order and receive a free gift.

Sneek Peek... for next week:

Modding your dolls...eek!


  1. AH REECE! I am so jealous!!! LOL! Looking forward to the modding tutorial, PB! And Sterling is just stunning. Very unique!

  2. congrats Reece :D!!! I am loving Sterling!! I wish I had enough money for everything in your shop, lol!

  3. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to the winner. Sterling is very original. Keep in touch

  4. Congrats to the winner :3
    Oohhh, I'll have a look in your shop now!

    More mods! Yay :D