Friday, April 25, 2014

Monster High Rocker

Pinkie Manx

Meet Pinkie Manx.  She is the founding member and the lead singer of the band Phit! She started as a back up singer for the graveyard band Tombstone Killers.  Her voice has a sex kitten quality with a feral edge.  When she started writing songs she wanted to perform those songs and so she formed Phit!
She has a collection of boom boxes and stacks of cassette tapes right next to an old school phonograph and LP's old and new in her living room.  On her end table is her MP3 player next to a jar of fresh catnip.  Her home is a reflection of her in every way.  
"I like to drag the past into the present with me," she says as I gaze around her home.  Yes indeed, she has brought them together and what a great mash-up it is. Just like her clothing.
Pinkie wears old and new together. A new self embellished ripped edges tee shirt with a faded black denim skirt and her favorite pair of Victorian shoes with messy shoe polish, glitter and paint splatters. This is not your average grrrl.

Getting started on her face.

Adding to her eyes and lips.

Deepening the colors on her face.

Added shine to her eyes and lips.

Starting on her clothes.  
Still haven't decided on the colors for her shoes.

More detailing on the clothes.

Boom box, cut off hose and shoes all hand painted.

I have started a new series of girls that reflect the punk scene, the Riot Grrls theme and reflect those I admire like Joan Jett, Bikini Kill and Pink. Pinkie Manx is the first of this series.  She will be up in my etsy shop this week.


  1. Cool! I love the cat-like face and eyes! : >
    And the hand symbol's a really clever idea. Rock 'n' Roll, can't wait to see the others! <3

    1. Thank You <3 I cannot take credit for the hand, it came that way :)

  2. Ph, PB she is totally awesome. I am loving your work even more each time you show us a new creation. Can't wait to see the others. Great theme too by the way. I also like those Tokyo girls that dress up in really crazy fashions.

    I wanted to ask you what type of paints you like to use when you repaint? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Cody. On this one I used Liquitex acrylics, Rembrandt chalk pastels and Derwent watercolor pencils. Everything is sealed with flat spray and then the gloss is added to the eyes and mouth.
      The Japanese are always an inspiration - they take something old and make it new.

  3. I love this girl! Her eyes look so realistic, great job!! :D

    1. Thanks you cute Kitty You! I love your MH hats !

  4. She is AMAZING! The way you blushed/modeled her upper lip makes it LOOK molded in that cat shape, I'm so thoroughly impressed. Also insanely jealous of her hair, I wish I could get that color/height/volume/curl :D

    1. Thanks so much -- I cannot take credit for the upper lip as she is a Monster High pink cat CAM doll- so the cat upper lip was there. I decided to highlight it to make her look feline but feminine.

      Her hair is dyed wool - and I agree with you- would be so fun to have hair like that <3

  5. OMG she looks so unique! Amazing job! :)))

  6. I recently found your blog and its AMAZING i have added it to my reading list so that I can be inspired and take advantage of your tutorials. I have yet to start an actual repaint or custom, I feel most intimidated by the tiny heads and wiping the factory face off lol. I'm wondering if you could spare a bit of advice as to painting eyes, my main mediums have always been pencil pen marker im a beginner as far as painting goes. Is it easier to start bigger on paper and scale down or to just try it the size I want on paper? Thank you for this inspiring blog and I hope your recent health trouble has been better for you.

    1. Hi Tosha
      Happy to inspire. I always recommend getting a doll you can practice on- from a thrift store or on the cheap at a store. You can wipe and practice over and over without worrying about ruining a good doll.
      Do not use pen or anything that has oily dyes- it will run into the vinyl.
      Recently I have begun to work with pencils and flat sealer. I may put up a new tutorial this year sometime.
      I am still fighting the vertigo, but doing pretty well most of the time.
      Good luck with your first custom :)

  7. Wow is asom!
    cat is So cool and beatiful.
    She is beatiful eyes, hair and .......