Saturday, June 1, 2013

Drawing Winner!

And the winner is....

Congratulations The Ugliest Wife !
You have 7 days to send your name and address to:
 On Another Note:
Mattel is getting ready to launch a new line of dolls that look very much like Monster High Dolls.
"Ever After High" has its own website and Facebook page:
Apple White
Raven Queen
There is talk these will be seen at San Diego Comic Con in July.



  1. New follower here. Thanks for following me :-)

    1. Awesome :)

      If you want to see some great work, visit Chynadoll's blog!

  2. hello again :)
    I'm back this different from a google translator to write xD
    Congratulations to the winner!
    And did not the body of the new doll I think he is the monster high dolls at least so here we have the mistaken ..?

    1. Hello :) Saya mencoba penerjemah Google dan menduga bahwa Anda berasal dari Indonesia?
      Saya tidak yakin aku mengerti pertanyaan Anda. Apakah Anda bertanya tentang boneka Frankenstein di foto untuk gambar atau apakah Anda berbicara tentang boneka baru dari Mattel?

  3. I like that new line. It's not too different from MH as you said. They're a cute idea though! I'm interested to see how the line looks. Might have to get one. :) But I am also leaning towards La Dee Da as my Monster High collection seems complete. :)

    1. Your collection is complete?! Ye gads!

      There are so many customs out there I don't think my collection will ever be complete :)

      I'm an addict...