Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Good News!

We Are Moving 

We are on a new adventure!  We made an offer on a home and it was accepted!  
We will be moving in about 40 days -- so lots to do here!

I will have more room to create and so will my hubby Chance.

Our dear dog Dude will have a larger backyard to run around in - Yay!!!

For 8+ years we have been living in a 1967 New Moon single wide trailer.
Here I work on a folding card table. Soon I will have a bigger permanent table to work on!
Our 1967 New Moon Trailer Home Christmas 2014

Our little home has been good to us and I am grateful for having had this home.  
I wish the new owner as many great memories as we have stacked up here!

Dolly Dolly Fashions shop on Etsy is now in Vacation mode.  
Too many things to do and I feel I might lose track. 
We are packing up the shop things for the big move.

Once we are moved and set up, you will start seeing new things here!

Cheers, PB


  1. The new house look great! It looks like you'll have enough room for a craft corner. Good luck!

    1. Thank You! I am so excited to have a room - a whole room! to create!!!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming move :O)

  3. I hope everything goes well with the new home and moving! <3
    It's great to hear you're happy!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. i've only just found your blog but with all your helpful tips and clear explanations i can tell you are a great person as well as a great teacher. thank you for sharing with us all. congrats to you and your family on the new place...though i must say i look forward to when you are all set up and back here!

  5. I've just discovered your blog as I get into customizing my own dolls. I'm super excited to try, but I did have a question: What do you use to prime and paint your dolls full body? You give them such a clean, smooth look, I was wondering what kind of paint you were using. Thank you!