Saturday, October 18, 2014

1:6 Doll Salon

Curl Up & Dye

It is not finished, but its getting close.  This started out with my hubby Chance helping me to make my Halloween Haunt Shoppe more sturdy.  The Haunt Shoppe started as a Cheerios box.  The next group of photos will take you through the beginnings that eventually led to the second set of photos- what is to become Curl Up & Dye, a salon for 10" - 12" dolls like Monster High, Barbie, Dynamite Girls, Momoko, Blythe and a host of others.

So it started like this...


It was flopping around, I didn't like how it felt, so my dear Chance said something like: "We could build a stick frame inside..."  Which looked like this:

This is the part where I said... "This is too good for a Cheerios box."  Which led to this:

The idea was to make this photograph friendly, so it is built in 3 sections, held together with magnets. Chance also added pins that can be used as needed where the walls meet.

The photos following below show the story up until now.  There will be more in future posts.

Linoleum floor installed

Sidewalk tiles glued down, ready for grout.
Covering the linoleum to keep it grout free.

Grouted sidewalk.  Baseboards installed.

Doorway and door started.

Threshold made.

Door finished, installed.

Ceiling and building roof line.  Comes off for photos.

Lights for the lighting system.

These light boxes have tiny LCDs

Trying to figure out where to place the lights.
A second interior ceiling piece was built to hold the lights.

I took this by sticking my camera lens through the doorway.  

New light boxes installed in secondary ceiling.

Lights are on 3 different switches to vary the lighting inside like a life size store.
I can remove any of the 3 sections to shoot photos.  

Cleaning up.

More to come once the salon elements are completed.

My husband Chance is not only a wonderful companion in life whom I love with every molecule of my body and soul, he is a genius.  None of this would have worked without him.

Next post I will show you how to make these from food boxes:

Cheers, PB


  1. It's looking so awesome. I love the lights, just about everything. Great job.

  2. You are having WAY too much fun. Awesome work! My mom made miniatures and doll houses...she would have loved this.

  3. I love these tutorial! LOVE!
    Awesome :)

  4. Hi, not really relevant to the post but I just discovered your blog after doing a Google search - I've just bought a couple of Monster High dolls with the intention of customizing them to look like a couple of characters from one of my books to use as a centrepiece at conventions - and your blog is AWESOME! I thought I'd have to figure out loads of stuff by myself but I've already found a ton of useful info here - thanks!