Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Eve Party

Welcoming 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Like my hat?  I love it!  Want one?  See "credits" below.
We spent the first few hours laughing and chatting in the Velvet Rope room.
Clawdeen told some great stories about her celebrity management job.
I tried out the Zapped Punch.  Pretty good.
Babo loved the lights on the steel tree.
Someone looked at a watch and said it was time to move to the dining room. 
We could look out the windows and watch the fireworks on the strip from there.
Babo was a little afraid of the fireworks.
Cleo wanted a ride.
We decided to switch windows for a different view...
Little D tells me she lost her earrings...again.  We'll look for them later.
Nothing like greeting the New Year with friends.
We All Wish You All a Very Happy New Year !

Big GZ's Hat : Scarred Kitty Creations*

Little D's Hat: Scarred Kitty Creations*

Cleo's Dress and Hair Bow: Dolly Dolly Fashions**

Clawdeen's Skirt and Top: Dolly Dolly Fashions**

Little D's Dress: Dolly Dolly Fashions**



  1. Love the fireworks and the glitzy outfits!!!
    Happy 2013 to you!!!

  2. I love all the pics, makes me wish I was there!!! lol, and thank you for featuring my hats, you're the best PB!! :)