Saturday, November 3, 2012

Custom Monster High Doll - Ginger

Meet Ginger

Getting started.  White on eyes, brown details on ears and eyebrows.

Still deciding on her eyebrows, what kind of look I want. 
 Added blush on her cheeks, tinted her lips and blushed the inside of her ears.

Trying different tones around the eyes.  Wiped off the eyebrows.

Wiped back some of my painting and increased some of the dark tones closer to the eyes. 
Finished adding the lower lashes and started playing with eyebrows again.

Added more darks, and decided to keep these eyebrows. 
Also colored inside the nostrils and put faint lines on the lips.

Added first coat of Sakura Crystal to the eyes and lips. I will add more after it dries.

Added the eyelashes and more clear to the eyes.  Her face is done.

Her hands were the purple ones-- not what I wanted for this doll at all.

I started by using a cosmetic sponge and white acrylic paint.  It took 2 coats.  I didn't paint in between the fingers-- because I will be putting a darker color there and the purple will disappear.

First coats of color.  I used burnt sienna and white for the flesh, and black for the glove.

I added a darker color to the flesh - you can see the left side is darker than the right side.

Black and gold were added for greater detail.

Ginger is now ready for some clothes.

Next post will show her in her outfit :)


  1. Ginger is so lovely! and her hands look great, the purple ones are definitely my least favorite thing about the Sweet 1600 Clawdeen. Wonderful job PB!! :D

    1. Thanks Kitty :) The first time I saw those purple hands I thought, "What were they thinking?! Poor Clawdeen!"

  2. Your blog is so cool and informative. I just love it!!! Thank you : )

  3. She's absolutely fabulous, what a great artist work! Thnks for the tutorial. Which materials do usually use to paint?

    1. Did you notice that you won the drawing? You need to send me your address. Send to:

  4. have you tired painting and re rooting create a monsters like the ones with out makeup?

    1. Yes, I have done a few. You can see one here:

      and next one:


  5. Wow! Nice job! I love your blog, it's taught me and helped me! Ginger looks gorgeous and i love your other dolls, especially candy! :D

  6. great job, what kind of lashes did you use (regular person or special doll size) and where to buy them?

  7. They are the fake kind you can buy at the drug store. These are the tiny clumps kind- like 3 lashes to each so you can adjust how many go where.
    I rarely use doll eyelashes-- too expensive-- unless customizing a Japanese BJD.
    See more here: