Saturday, March 31, 2012

After Lunch With Frankie, Part II of Interview

 Yours Truly and Ghoulia in a Frankie Stein Design
(*big monster on campus)

GZ:  We are back after a great lunch at a pizza place down the street.  Frankie, I just felt there was more to this interview after we sat down to lunch and you started talking about your new line of designs.

FS: It was a good lunch GZ. Thanks for coming with me.  You know how to have fun!

GZ:  My pleasure.  Now, tell me about your latest line.  Please.

FS:  I found this wonderful fabric.  A lush and lovely stretch jersey in gray and black.  It just sang to me.  I did some sketches and then hit the sewing table and what I showed you is what happened. 

Ghoulia and Cleo in Frankie's new line

GZ:  Well, seems like a bit more than that.  I saw chains and leather…

FS: Oh, that!  I have wanted to take things a bit further in my designs.  They seemed to compliment the softness of the jersey, while also giving the designs an extra kick.

Leather and chain cuff bracelet

GZ:  I see a bit of jewelry too…

FS:  Yes, just a little.  I am still learning.  (she smiles that classic Frankie smile!)

GZ: You made some phone calls for us- and got some of your friends in here to model.

FS:  Yes, I did!

GZ: Ghoulia looked pretty stunning in that outfit.  Clawdeen looked like she could curl up anywhere in that set.  And Cleo- what a shocker to find her here!  You clearly are a good friend to them all. 

Frankie is all giggles at this point.  I wanted to interview the elusive Cleo, but she slipped out of the studio as soon as the photo shoot was finished.  I am going to catch up to her one of these days!

The Gangs All Here!


My PB Ray Make-Over…Part One

Hey, what can I say?  My days were numbered when PB’s brother found me.  Tossed away like a piece of garbage and I felt pretty bad. 
The first thing PB did was to give me a hot soak and a good scrub.  Then she let me hang out on her porch with her cactus collection.  That woman loves things that bite.  No wonder her brother took me to see her.
After a week of fresh air and feeling welcomed, she started on my face.  Wish we had photos, but she does several things at once, and her camera was not handy at the time.   My mouth and eyes got  special treatment, and she started the process of bringing my scales back to life.  Which you would never guess, since she painted them black/green first.  She said I needed a new beginning.  Indeed.
So, we are starting in the middle in a way, but I thought, hey, my readers might notice a change- so why not document it?

My mini interview with PB follows the photos.

GZ:  So, how is it working me over this way?

PB: Tedious.  No offense.  Your scales are pretty tiny.  You may have noticed I am re-doing them one at a time.

GZ: Yes, I did notice. What kind of paint are you using?

PB:  Liquitex with a medium for slow drying.  Makes the paint smoother and gives me a bit more time to work.

GZ:  I noticed thet you keep mixing color.  Is there a reason for that?

PB:  Yes.  I don't paint every scale the same color.  That would look terrible.  I go back in and change some of them.  There needs to be some variation.

GZ:  Wow.  I didn't realize.  Hmm.  Change of subject:
 Frankie sent over a box she said I cannot open until you are done…any idea what is in that box?

PB: Not a clue.  Maybe another hat?

GZ: Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.  She tried all kinds of things on me.  Hat, her sunglasses…

PB:  Frankie will keep you guessing- a lot.  She knows how to put things together and keep things together.

GZ:  I agree.  Now, what are you doing next, after you finally finish the scales?

PB: We will start on your, um, what do you call these anyway?

She is touching my crest that runs down the middle of my neck and back- clear through to my tail.  We laugh.  End of interview.

So what is in the box from Frankie?  Any guesses out there?  I am thinking we should have a contest around this mystery.

Next Week:

>My interview with Cherry Bomb, a new MH Custom doll from the explosive zone! 

>A new Book Collection available at Dolly Dolly Fashions.

>My favorite Monster item on etsy- that is a non MH.

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  1. Godzilla is awesome, I was in TRU today and they had a bunch of them in the collectible section and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one because of yours, lol!

  2. LOL I can't see a GodZilla without thinking of you now, PB. :p

  3. LOL! He is still a work in progress. Painting each scale takes so much time. He looks a little better each week. When he is done, we will have full reveal, complete with him opening the box that Frankie left for him.